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Book Your Own Airfare


Finding the best airfare does not just involve luck (though it helps!), but a little bit of research and foreplanning. Here are some of our best tips and tricks for getting the best prices - as well as links to some of the best sites out there to book your flights!

We now also offer the capability for our clients to book online with Magical Escapes.


1. Know the Typical Prices of your intended Flights
Look early and often at the prices of flights you are considering. Getting to know the average cost of the flight is your single best tip when it comes to getting the best price - because then you'll know when a rate truly is a bargain, and be ready to jump on a sale fare as soon as it becomes available.


2. Be Flexible in your Flight Times
There are certain times of the day everyone wants to travel. Sometimes choosing an inconvenient flight time - such as early morning or overnight - can offer substantial savings. When choosing a flight time, however, just remember that you have to get to the airport that much earlier. It can be a trade-off: price versus convience (especially if you like to sleep in!)


3. Non-stop versus Connecting Flights
Certainly flying nonstop is the most convenient and least time-consuming... but nonstop flights can sometimes be much more expensive than taking a flight with a connection or stop-over. When choosing a connecting flight, however, please make sure to allow enough time to get to the next plane - and to allow a comfort window in case your first flight is late! You don't want to save $100 on your airfare, only to miss your cruise because the first flight was delayed!


4. Be Flexible in your Travel Dates
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are typically the departure days with the best pricing. This isn't always the case, however, as some specials include different days of the week. Sometimes you can save money by leaving a day before or after your intended date, so be certain to check the days around your intended travel dates.


5. Stay Over a Saturday Night
Many airlines offer a savings if you stay over a Saturday night at your intended destination.


6. Don't Travel on the Holidays!
Or, if you must travel on the Holidays, leave earlier and come home after the peak travel days. Not only is holiday travel often expensive, it is often frought with flight delays, long security lines, and crowded airports. Some airlines consistently overbook their flights, and you don't want to get bumped during the holidays! You may save money (and sanity!) if you consider adding a few days on to the beginning and end of your holiday travels. And not just on airfare - sometimes arriving early can save you significantly on cruises, hotels, and vacation packages.


7. Purchase airline tickets at Least 21 Days in Advance
Many of the special fares offered by the airlines require a 21 or 14 day advance purchase. Check the fine print before you purchase, because many of these fares are also non-refundable.


8. Check Other Local Airports for Lower Fares
Check all the airports near your home that you are willing to fly out of - sometimes you will find significantly lower fares at an alternate airport. Don't forget to check nearby airports at your destination - it is often cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale, for example, than it is to fly into Miami.


9. If You Don't Flexibility
Don't worry: you can still find a great rate, as long as you plan in advance. We recommend searching on Orbitz.com for finding a flight on specific days, times and even airlines.


10. If You are Truly Flexible on your Flight Times, Dates & Airline:
Try Hotwire.com or Priceline.com if you don't have a prefernce for your flight times or airline, and just want the best deal you can get.


Links to the Best Airfare Sites on the Web



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